Who AHR We?

      Some would call us a tutoring center; others, a place to hang out and get work done.  It doesn’t matter how you classify us because AHR full service learning facility is founded in the opinions and suggestions of local families, professionals, and most importantly, young people coming of age in the 21st century.
     AHR get real style resonates with kids and adults alike as building a tight knit, informative, supportive community is AHR main goal. Here at AHR PLACE students, young adults, and parents learn to communicate and set goals that are realistic and achievable. AHR PLACE is truly YOUR PLACE!
     We believe that education is about learning and personal growth, not competition. Who cares what the neighbor’s kid got on his ACT or what the lady at the gym said about community college? We aspire to set a new precedent: inner happiness and fulfillment. At AHR PLACE, everyone is welcomed, accepted, challenged and encouraged to be the best individual they can be!
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